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When it comes to corporate events, things can get costly, and most organisers would try to save some money wherever possible. In doing so some might overlook the importance of a professional speaker for the event. They might even consider giving the job to a colleague who seems confident, funny and someone who is a crowd puller. But experts state that this is not the best option to take as most people will get jitters while on stage facing a crowd, so unless you are professionally trained, this role should be given to a professional. Here are some reasons why.

Daunting task:getting up on stage especially during a corporate function is not an easy task. It is a pressure situation and not everyone has the composure and skill to handle it. Some colleagues might be great when talking in a crowd but when they get up on stage they can get tongue tied and that can be a very embarrassing situation for that person and the whole event as well. Therefore giving the role to a professional is the best option.


Having material: a professional emcee in Singapore will have sufficient material to use to keep the crowd engaged and enjoying themselves. They have enough experience to know what to say and when to say it. And their experience will also inform them of the type of content that will be suitable for a particular event. Simply cracking jokes is not what an emcee does; the funny acts too need to be tailored to the audience and the event. Therefore if you are thinking of giving the job to a funny colleague, you need to think again.

Expertise: years and years of practice are needed to be a truly professional speaker. This level of experience makes the emcee versatile and very resourceful in using material to talk about and also in facing emergency situations. While a less experienced person is likely to panic, a professional will smooth things over pretty quickly without stressing. They can also help out in keeping the crowd engaged even if other aspects of the event are not going as expected. Therefore to take the stress out, it is best to have a professional in place.

The event is taken seriously: when it comes to corporate events it is always important to create a professional image, it should not be just a casual affaire. Therefore hiring a professionals with experience and may be someone that has TV ratings or exposure sends a completely different image to the audience.These are some of the reasons as to why a professional should be hired to manage and conduct the whole event.

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