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Cancer is a disease that is a silent yet painful killer. It not only hurts the person suffering from it but even his family and loved ones as well. Though you know you might not see that person for long or that he or she would be leaving your life in the months to come, you can never be prepared for that moment and you never really understand pain until you have undergone such circumstances.                However, this is a disease that you can never predict to suffer from, yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions to protect yourself from it and the first step starts from the food you take. Here are some cancer causing foods you should certainly avoid at all costs.

Meat which is processed

Processed food in general is something that many medical experts advise to stray away from. However, processed meat that also includes the list, may not be highlighted enough especially since even today you can see parents feeding their kids sausages, bacon and even hotdogs without any remorse at all. Of course you wouldn’t die then and there or you wouldn’t have to be on the lookout for colorectal cancer treatment singapore, yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk. You might say life is all about taking risks, but if you take a risk knowing it is bad, then that is just called being stupid. So think twice about what you are eating and feeding yourself and your children.

Burnt, fried and overly cooked food

The expert researchers of the International Agency for Research on Cancer say that, when starchy foods like grains, bread, potatoes or even crackers are overly cooked beyond 250 degree Fahrenheit, they form a toxin called acrylamide. These are also found in cigarettes and in dyes and plastics used by industries. This toxin is considered to be cancer causing with the chemical reaction they undergo. So it is best that you avoid eating burnt food at all costs to live longer and reduce the risk of suffering from cancer!

Excess sugar

Sugar added in all those processed junk food, sodas and whatnot does not only cause diabetes but also has the risk of causing cancer as well. Studies have also found that this increased sugar intake also leads to the formation of tumors and metastasis. So do cut down on the soda and other sugar added products.

Preservatives and additives

Many processed foods are filled with these. Yup that includes that bag of Lays lying on your lap or that stack of candy hidden under your bed! Sure we cannot control our cravings especially when it comes to such junk food, but it is best to limit it than suffering from the many diseases it brings along with it by eating them regularly.

So do think of all the worse effects this disease could put yourself and your family in, and make an effort to control what you eat!



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