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Though most people wear glassless for functional reasons, they need not be ugly or unsuitable for your personal style or taste. Modern development in design and technology has enabled the industry to come up with a lot of creative and fun designs that can really bring out a persons’ personality while serving a functional purpose. Let’s look at some of the options you have out there to match your style and taste.

For professional use

For the professional businesswoman or man, the need is to look sophisticated and neat, no fancy designs or colours here. Since inspiring confidence in clients and employees are some of the key functions you will be performing, it is best to stay with some conservative designs. It is important to stay within traditional shapes such as oval or rectangles and use colours such as gold, black or grey. Some of these qualities are found in prescription glasses by oakley glasses online store and many others.

For seniors and adults

As you age, they say you need to tone down your appearance but that does not mean you need to wear old designs are quite outdated. These old frames can really age a person a great deal so it is important to select one that suits your age while not being overly old fashioned. Stylists suggest that men wear smaller frames that bring the best out in them and softer shapes for women. When it comes to colours it is best that men use more brownish shades while women opt for more versions with shine.

For the creative individual

These individuals can go all out and use frames that are funky and modern. Some popular frames are geometric in design. A popular design for women in the creative field is the cat eye frame in larger than life sizes and colours such as blue or purple. Apart from modern frames, there are the vintage styles that are coming back as well such as aviators from ray ban sunglasses online store, which will really help create a sassy look.

The studious nerds

This is a time to really be individualistic and show off your sense of style, therefore going bold with the eyewear you use is an option. Modern designs with patterns and prints are ideal at this stage with unusual shapes and colours as well. Since there are no restrictions at this stage, students can go out and really be themselves with the designs they chose.

Though there are many options to select from, it is always important that you try on a few pairs and select one that really compliments your look and lifestyle.

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