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United Arab Emirates is a popular destination for vacation. It has many activities and luxuries to offer which will not disappoint you. If you plan on visiting it soon, then here are few things you should do:

A visit to the desert

This country is popularly known for desert safari and this is something you cannot miss. The first session would be where you are taken on a crazy drive all over the desert and this is quite adventurous, more like a roller coaster ride. You could also ride on a camel which is usually included in the package so you don’t have to pay for it. They provide traditional Arab attire for a fee so you could take a picture wearing it. One could get their hands painted by henna which is free unless you want specifications such as different designs or want white henna. They serve food at night which is included in the package; you could enjoy your meal while watching belly dancing performed by one of the finest dancers.  The highlight of this place is the quad bike which is very popular. So one cannot leave Dubai without going for desert safari.

Visiting different hotels

If you want to have a glimpse of the luxury offered then you could stay at Burj Al Arab for a day or two and you will have an incredible experience of living in exotic suites. Sharjah which is closer to Dubai has also developed vastly over the years and they too have famous five star hotels, if you have the budget then you could book a room in one of the   luxury hotel sharjah uae.  This country is known for world’s tallest building which is called Burj Khalifa. You could pay an amount to get on the top of the building where you can see the whole city and the view is mesmerizing especially at night.

Different theme parks

Recently they have opened up various theme parks which will keep you entertained. One of the popular ones is Atlantis Theme Park which is slightly expensive but it has some amazing rides which will make both kids and adults scream out of joy. Dubai has world’s largest indoor park which is known as IMG world. This too has some amazing rides, however if you plan on visiting Dubai during holiday season then be prepared to spend long hours on queue, unless you go to the park on a weekday.

Apart from the above mentioned places you could also go to Dubai miracle garden which is world’s largest natural flower garden which has over 45 million flowers and visit the famous Sheik Zayed Mosque which is located in Abu Dhabi.

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