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Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. Millions of people travel to china for business and for touring. According to statistics more than 14% of the global population speaks Chinese. People in countries such as Mongolia, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand and Singapore also speak mandarin. If you have plans to go for higher education or business to one of these countries it would be great advantage for you to learn mandarin.

If you are really keen to learn mandarin language you are of great benefit. When you study the language you also learn about the rich culture and history as it is one of oldest in the world. China is well known for its beautiful novels, poetry and films. When you watch the films and the biographies that illustrates the beautiful history of china you also develop a good understanding of the language. One major advantage of learning this beautiful language is that you can make a lot of friends.  China has the largest population in the world with over 1.27 billion people. This means it gives you access to communicate and connect with a lot of people at a deeper level.

You can always learn the language online or enroll into a mandarin class in Hong Kong. It also is a great advantage for your business. One amazing example is when the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wowed everyone when he addressed the world with his Chinese skills. It is an amazing business strategy to speak Chinese as your second language. Besides that Chinese is a very easy language to learn it does not have verbs, tenses, plurals or conjunctions. There are about 80000 characters and only about 3500 are generally used in the conversations. It is a very logical language you can learn. They say that when you begin to gain knowledge about mandarin both sides of your brain is put to work and thus it keeps it motoring.

One distinctive advantage is that you can travel to almost every part of Southeast Asia with the confidence of knowing how to communicate. You can speak to locals in Chinese and travel around the world while making friends with the locals. When you visit china you will be able to enjoy delicious Chinese food that you will be able to find anywhere else. You can communicate with the locals and enjoy the food that is very different to your regular take away food.

Besides all these, mandarin is a very beautiful language. You can have a lot of fun learning it. It opens new doors to friendships and also you gain valuable knowledge.

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