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There were simpler times when in a poker game, the cards were dealt by the players, among the players and anyone who had an idea about the cards could win easily. However, this is the not the case today and cheating at a game has become quite the challenge because of the involvement of a professional dealer who usually leaves no space for monkey business. If you are dead set on winning the games, whether it’s a friendly low stakes home game or a much more intense high stakes play, there are a bunch of things you can do to stack the deck in you favor and win with ease. In this article we will be discussing about a few such cheating tricks.

Card marking

To mark a card is to change the look or the feel of a card of the playing deck to give a player a better idea about which cards are which, so that they can avoid or go for the cheating poker cards of their choice. There are various ways in which these alterations can be made to surface of the cardboard or plastic and these must be done in a subtle way that cannot be easily spotted by anyone else but you. One way marking paper is by fading the outer surface after letting it out in the sun for some time. Another method is the scrapping of the surface with a blade or a razor so that they look different from the rest. While all these methods are effective, they can only be done before a game, which means you must the same pack for the game to gain the intended advantage. What if you don’t get to use it? This is where you must teach yourself the methods of paper marking during a game which is tricky business. Bending the edges and pinching the surface with finger nails are common and relatively simple methods. Another way is to apply daub, which is a sticky substance that can be concealed in the pocket, socks or the shoe of a player, which can be applied on a card during the game to mark it.

Cheating software

That’s right, software for cheating at poker! These are systems which are designed specifically to read the paper of a playing deck to inform the player about everything he needs to know. The poker cheat software are usually concealed in nifty little gadgets such as lighters, key tags and mobile phones which are items that are usually brought to a table by a player. Unlike card marking, these are usually difficult for other to spot because the player doesn’t have to make any physical changes to the deck.


This is a schematic strategy used by two or more players in a poker game to make the game more advantageous to them. There is more than one way of cheating using the method of collusion in a poker game and some of them are mentioned below. Partners will secretly communicate with each other in the strategy known as signaling and non-verbal gestures are used here. Soft play is where one partner will prevent from rising the bet in a situation which could’ve allowed him to earn a lot in order to prevent the other partner from incurring a loss. Dumping is done by a player to deliberately lose in a game, so that his secret partner will get to win a much larger value.

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