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People may think that like many other things calling cards are becoming obsolete too. What with digital age technology, passing contacts are very easy on your smart phones, and many have digital identities. However experts are of the view that like objects that endure, calling cards are still essential elements of a person’s identity and must be used as part of the marking efforts.  Let’s look at why they are still important for businesses and self promotion.

  • It’s tangible: when you give out a card, you are not simply giving a leaflet or a notice; you are giving a tangible extension of your brand. The reader will see the texture the weight and the design on the cards and form impressions in their mind. For an example a thicker card denotes leadership and expertise while embossed qualities will give an impression of luxury. Therefore just like stickers design use a range of options to create weight, embossed qualities, finishes that make your card stand out in the crowd.

  • They help you remember: experts suggest that images help people recall faster than text alone. So if you are using a card with imagery, chances are you will be remembered more. If you are not then you need to make sure that you create one that will work effectively. With an image you can use them to talk a bit about the company and what you stand for. Therefore make sure to use both sides of the card for great use.


  • Stand out: they help you stand out in the crowd. Even if you use free business cards, there are various ways you can include design elements and cut-out sections so that you can really create a strong positive impression with your card. It allows you to cleverly use imagery or text so that you can communicate what you or your business stands for. The uniqueness will clearly help the receiver remember you over others.

  • The convenient size: they are great to be included with a company manual, a brochure or even sent via post. The small size makes it very easy to be sent around or handed out. Many people use venues such as restaurants or cafes that allow business cards to be displayed or pinned to a notice board. Therefore is you have an eye catching design, it is a great way to spread the word around. You can even supply several to these locations, so that people can carry them away.

As you can see the good old calling card, is not dead and it is still a vital marketing tool that needs to be embraced.

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