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Setting up your store can be one of the most exciting experiences when starting a small business (aside from making your first sale, of course.) This means you finally have a physical place to showcase your products, and to fully entertain customers throughout the day. Though setting-up shop and designing the storefront is purely up to you, there are few guidelines to follow to ensure your store is aesthetically-pleasing and attractive to customers. Specifically, here are a mistakes you’re better off without when setting it up:

Hard-To-Find Spot

Before even starting to put things in place, make sure your location is easy to find when giving directions, and is preferably easy to spot from a distance. You wouldn’t want potential customers to get lost while finding you, ending up discouraged and just giving up altogether. You also wouldn’t want to be where it’s rare to have people passing by. Make sure there’s enough foot traffic in your store’s vicinity, to increase the likelihood of sales on any day.

Unreadable Signages

Once you’ve ensured that your store is easy to find, make sure its name is easy to read, too. In most instances, this is a customer’s first impression of your business and what you’re trying to sell. Avoid fonts that look dated or difficult to understand, and colors that just don’t represent your brand. You can have a professional printing service create a modern acrylic signage or lightbox for your business, without having to pay a fortune. They can recommend the best signage type for your business.

Crowded Window Displays

Don’t fill up your whole window with posters and sale signs. They obscure what you’re trying to promote, and they hinder natural light from fully coming in. Know where to strategically put every poster (if necessary), and allow enough negative space to keep your display clean and uncluttered.

Putting Clearance Items Outside

Yes, it might make your dated items move faster, but they send a negative message to onlookers and potential customers. Remember, you own a growing business, not a meager garage sale. If you’re having a clearance sale, it would be better to put a sign up front so people can come in and check it out, while seeing your other products.

Unclear Prices

Save your customers from the hassle of having to ask you for the price, every time they’re interested in buying a product. Place clear, concise prices under a group of identical items, or attach small price tags.

Unorganized Product Placement

Avoid causing unnecessary confusion by placing products of similar uses or kinds together (such as cleaning materials or different types of produce). Put up signs for each category, for easy navigation throughout your store.These tips should hopefully help you decide on how you want your store to look and feel. Happy Selling!

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