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Education is the key to moulding our younger generation into those individuals who we ca actually be proud about.

The importance of education is immense. It has been able to change the entire civilization for the better. So here are some reason why you should give your kids the best quality education.


Education undoubtedly adds to a person’s knowledge. The vital element is that we should know what kind of knowledge we want to give to our children. We should not simply teach our kids about science and mathematics but we should also teach them morals and values. Even teaching our kids mathematics and the sciences of how a plant grows is important to mould them into a person who has knowledge about all the basic things in life. A child should know in order for a plant to be able to grow it needs water, sunlight and soil. These simple things make up a person with knowledge!


A child should be taught about how he should behave in public. How he should behave at a dining table. These simple things can make huge difference in one’s life. It is very important that you teach your children manners. Whether it is the way they speak to an elder to the way they speak to a stranger, everything is education. Always keep in mind that manners is the beauty of a child. And child who is well-mannered is a beautiful child!


Education also has the power to improve the qualities of a child. Children with proper education in all aspects of life will be able to exhibit better qualities as person. As grown up also a person who has good qualities will have a good educational background as well. Therefore, from a very early age it is important to educate the children in how they need to mould their character. For instance, if a boy is taught to respect the privacy of a female body he is not going to turn out to be future rapist. Likewise when a child is taught good qualities, like the quality of helping others and the importance of improving the lives of the underprivileged they will turn out be someone with a personality such as Mariyam Dawood.


Education is the key to moulding good citizens for this world. Educating children begins a home. As parents it is the duty to teach them to respect others, be kind to animals and etc. every little thing you teach your child today makes what he will be in future!



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