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Private tutoring is becoming very popular for many reasons. It is seen as a way to improve student grades and even better to understand a particular subject. It is also seen as an important tool when it comes to learning languages as well. Let us look at some of the reasons for it being so popular.

  • Personalised lessons: mass scale lessons do not suite everybody. Let’s face it we have all known one or two friends in class who always lag behind unable to keep up. Gone are the days when one uniform strategy fits all. In private tutoring the lessons can be easily customised to suite each students’ requirements. Unlike in class the tutor can adjust the pace and focus of the lessons based on each student requirements.  Therefore the learning efficiencies of the student increase giving them better opportunities than in classroom settings. Children and even many adults with learning difficulties greatly benefit from this form of learning.


  • One to one attention: in a classroom with forty to thirty students, it is difficult for the teacher to give much individual attention to each and every student. In such situations weaker students tend to lag behind and find lessons increasingly difficult. Therefore we see increasing demand for best English tuition centre for primary students Singapore and others alike. A private class allows the teacher to pay close attention to the individual student. Since there is only one student to focus on the teacher is better able to highlight the students’ weaknesses and address them adequately.

  • Ability to select the tutor: students work well with teachers that they like and relate to. In school settings selecting the teacher is not an option, which is not suitable for most students especially if they are weak in some area of studies. In private tuition, students or even their parents have the freedom to select the tutor. They can meet or visit classes being conducted to identify and select an engaging teacher that inspires students to do well.


  • Closer understanding of student: a personal tutor has more time to engage with the student and build confidence and trust. This allows the student to open up about actual difficulties facing him or her, giving the tutor better chances of addressing them individually. They can also spot potential problems and learning difficulty related issues which can be communicated to parents or guardians for immediate attention.

These are a few reasons as to why this mode of learning is becoming popular. Apart from the above, this method can also provide flexible and convenient time schedules for students to attend lessons.


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