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When developing a business from scratch, the most important job is to communicate to the potential customers regarding the business and its market offering (products and/or services) to the potential customers in a convincing manner that will motivate them to choose you over the other competitors in the market. This is the process of marketing and it is a key determinant of success or failure of an organization. Among the many methods available for promoting one’s brand, social media is by far the most influential and cost-effective method and several startups in Singapore alone has experienced great success in brief periods of time through the effective usage of social media platforms for their marketing purposes. Discussed in this article are three such effective ways in which the powerful tool of social media platforms can be used for your company’s success in the market place.

Know what to share

It is important to maintain the relevancy and professionalism of the site by posting content that are of actual use to the customers so that they will be keen about your updates and more responsive. Communicate regarding new product developments, new branch openings and about any major recruitments of qualified professionals because such information gives a good impression about the enterprise which the customer will take into consideration when making their buying decision. Further, do not hesitate to invest on a corporate videographer Singapore has to offer with whom you’ll be able to shoot a great video of the workplace which can be developed into an effective advertisement video that could be uploaded on your company’s social media pages to give the customers and other stakeholders an idea about what is going on inside the organization.

Linked accounts

There is no point of creating an official page for the business on social media platforms if you are incapable of handling and updating them. If you remain inactive for too long, frustrated followers, who could be potential customers will unfollow you and lose interest in your brand. Therefore, it is more advisable to link all your social media accounts to one, so that whatever changes or updates you make on that one account will be circulated on the other accounts as well.

Timing is important

After selecting the right crowd to target on and the right message to convey, it is important to determine the exact time at which you are going to share a certain update or a post regarding the company. Take teenager and a housewife for example, when posting content regarding a product or a service for the teenager community, school hours must be avoided because they are engaged in studies during the time and are unlikely to browse through social media. Conversely, when targeting the housewives, companies can afford to be more flexible and even stress more in the school hours, because they are usually less occupied during this time and are likely to use social media.



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