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Interviews are stressful since it will be the first time you are meeting with the company face to face. You may have all your education qualifications in place, along with a boosted self-confidence. However, did you think through your outfit? Your interviewer will build the first impression as soon as you walk through the door and hence your outfit plays a key role in showcasing your personality. So here are few simple tips to get your outfit right.

  1. Scope out the company

The job advertisement on the job search app Singapore obviously hasn’t given you a dress code so you can drive by the company before or after work hours so that you can see how the current employees are dressed. Avoid going on Fridays since many companies dress casual on them. Check if women mostly wear skirt or pants, heels or flats, strict official attire or a little casual etc. Check their social media accounts for pictures taken at events and office. Consider the industry you will be working in. In a more conservative environment such as a school, showing off your piercings and tattoos may not be appropriate.

  1. Stick to a suit

If you are unsure of what to wear, sticking to a suit is safe. Go for darker suits with lighter and plain shirts inside. You don’t have to go for branded suits but make sure the quality is right. Go for the best you can afford. If you like, you can add a branded bag or watch to accentuate the look. If you don’t like suits and the company doesn’t mind casual-wear, still you need to find something classy and sophisticated. Always pay attention to detail; do not let any threads hang loose, check for holes or rips, dirt patches etc. Also, iron your clothes well; wrinkled clothes are the last thing they want to see in a candidate. Iron them well in advance such as the night before since you may ruin them while ironing in a hurry.

  1. Accessorize appropriately

A mid-heel pump is the most classic shoe for an interview. Do not go for extra high heels since you don’t want to take an embarrassing fall in front of them. If you are uncomfortable in heels, wear flats. However, this will change as per the industry. If you are interviewing to be a model, a glamorous high heel is customary, while for a nurse, a flat is accepted. Do not wear too much jewellery since glitter is not so conservative. A simple pair of earrings, necklace and a watch will do.

  1. Wear minimal makeup

Do not over-do your makeup. Go for a natural look; use a natural concealer and powder to give an even skin tone, use a light lipstick and blush. A thin line of eyeliner is fine too. Basically you need to look like you are not wearing makeup but also you need to look fresh.

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